AR/VR Research Library

The NewPath AR/VR Research Library is the largest library of scientific research articles focused on virtual technology and mental and behavioral health. The library contains references to over 12,000 articles covering a wide range of conditions and useful knowledge.

The AR/VR Research Library is invaluable in demonstrating the usage and effectiveness of virtual technology to address, diagnose, and treat a very wide spectrum of mental and behavioral health symptoms and issues. Researchers, practitioners, and clinicians can discover how the technology has been used, how effective the various approaches are, and find peer-reviewed, evidence-based research to demonstrate how and why virtual technology has proven to be such a powerful tool.

Virtual technology applications in mental and behavioral health have been studied by leading research institutions, universities, medical centers, and governments for decades. However, their use in private practice, clinical settings, and other real-world scenarios is relatively new. The AR/VR Research Library aims to provide practitioners with the facts and proof they need to confidently deploy this groundbreaking technology, including usage guidelines and case studies.

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Research Library

The NewPath Research Library stands as a comprehensive resource on digital technology in mental and behavioral health, featuring over 12,000 scientific research articles. This extensive collection spans various conditions and insights, proving crucial for understanding the role of digital technology in this field.

This library is essential for researchers, practitioners, and clinicians seeking to understand the application and efficacy of digital technology in diagnosing and treating mental and behavioral health issues. It offers access to peer-reviewed, evidence-based research, highlighting the significant impact of these technologies in mental health care.

Leading research institutions and medical centers have extensively studied digital technology applications in mental health, with their practical use in clinical settings gaining momentum. The library provides facts, usage guidelines, and case studies to support the implementation of these technologies in real-world scenarios.

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