Our Purpose

At NewPath, our journey has expanded beyond immersive technologies to encompass a holistic approach in advancing mental and behavioral healthcare. We have evolved to become a multifaceted platform for community engagement, application development, and advocacy, supporting the aspirations of clinicians, researchers, educators, and fellow innovators in the digital therapeutics arena. Our expertise now includes the development of mobile, AR, and VR applications, with a renewed focus on serving professional B2B audiences in the mental health field.

Mission and Vision

Mission: NewPath’s mission is to bridge the gap in mental and behavioral healthcare by providing innovative, accessible solutions for professionals and patients alike. We are committed to enhancing the capabilities of mental health professionals, clinicians, and researchers through advanced technology and collaborative partnerships. Our goal is to empower these professionals with the tools and resources necessary to bring about impactful changes in the healthcare landscape.

Vision: We envision a future where effective mental health treatment transcends geographical and socio-economic boundaries. By fostering a global community of clinicians, developers, and consumers, NewPath aspires to be at the forefront of a compassionate and efficient digital healthcare revolution. We aim to set new standards in the industry, ensuring that cutting-edge mental health solutions are within reach for every individual, regardless of their location or background.

Digital therapeutics in mental health represent more than progress; they symbolize hope. I invite you to explore these digital realms with the wisdom of a healer and the curiosity of an explorer.

Lisa Davis
Lisa Davis
CEO, NewPath