Frequently Asked Questions

For Clinicians

What mental and behavioral health services does NewPath offer?

As advocates for the treatment of mental and behavioral health conditions with digital therapeutics, like mobile apps and virtual reality therapies, NewPath offers clinicians and healthcare organizations information, training, a database of research, and access to a directory of clinical applications.

How can NewPath assist in improving patient care?

Clinicians can provide advanced mental and behavioral health services, optimizing the patient journey and treatment outcomes. Clinically-proven methods used in the development of such applications assist in treating a wide range of conditions and symptoms.

What is the NewPath UCSF Patient Education experience?

This is a virtual reality educational tool developed for patients undergoing prostate biopsies at UCSF, aiming to reduce anxiety and optimize treatment costs.

How does NewPath ensure the security and privacy of patient data?
NewPath prioritizes data interoperability, rigorous data protection measures, and adherence to COPPA and GDPR laws.
Is there support available for clinicians using NewPath's platform?
NewPath offers customer support and technical assistance, with a dedicated team to resolve any issues promptly.

For Developers/Creators

What opportunities does NewPath offer for software developers?
NewPath provides best practice immersive development and offers a platform for software distribution, connecting developers with healthcare providers and institutions for the distribution of mental health applications.
How does NewPath support the development of healthcare applications?
NewPath engages in collaborative engagement with developers, providing distribution and awareness.
What is NewPath's approach to innovative software development?

NewPath emphasizes responsible development, collaboration, and solving real-life problems, using cutting-edge technologies for web and mobile, and virtual solutions in healthcare.

Does NewPath provide technical and customer support for developers?

Yes, NewPath offers technical and customer support, including visibility packages and featured listings for partners.

For Community Programs and Education

How can educational institutions benefit from NewPath's services?

Institutions can register for access to research, applications and software solutions to enhance research and education in mental health.

What educational applications does NewPath offer?
NewPath offers webinars, and in-person workshops that teach creativity and digital literacy.
How does NewPath collaborate with academic institutions?
NewPath enables partners to gain visibility with programs for academic institutions and technology labs to further collaboration and partnerships.
What support does NewPath provide for integrating technology in education?
NewPath offers equipment, supplies, curriculum, and docents who will help students through the process of learning and creating.
How can NewPath help in optimizing the student learning journey?
By engaging youth in NewPath events and programs, kids learn useful skills through enhanced learning experiences.