Welcome to our series of events, where innovation and expertise converge. Here, you’ll find a range of dynamic discussions, workshops, and seminars, each offering valuable insights and opportunities for growth. Our events are tailored to foster learning, networking, and collaboration among professionals who are at the forefront of their fields. Explore our offerings and join the conversations that are shaping the future of technology, business, and beyond.

Focusing on the cutting-edge intersection of technology and health, these events are ideal for professionals and enthusiasts eager to explore digital solutions in healthcare and wellness.

Digital Health Hackathon

Collaborative Innovation: Brings together diverse minds to solve pressing challenges in digital health, fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Skill Development: Participants can enhance their technical and creative skills, learning new methodologies in software development and digital solution design.

Networking Opportunities: Offers a platform to connect with industry experts, potential mentors, and other like-minded individuals passionate about technology and health.

Virtual Technology for Mental and Behavioral Health Clinician Training

Expert Knowledge: Provides clinicians with the latest knowledge and tools in digital therapeutics, enhancing their capability to integrate technology into mental health treatment.

Practical Application: Focuses on the practical use of virtual technology in therapy, offering hands-on experience in applying these tools in clinical settings.

Continuing Education: Clinicians can stay ahead in their field, ensuring their practices are aligned with the latest advancements in mental and behavioral health technology.

Aimed at inspiring and educating the younger generation, these events offer interactive and enriching experiences in technology, mental health, and digital arts.

Digital Days

Exposure to Tech: Provides a platform for organizations to introduce and demonstrate the latest in digital health technologies.

Awareness and Education: Increases awareness about digital health tools and their benefits, promoting a better understanding of how technology can aid mental health.

Community Engagement: Fosters a sense of community around digital health, encouraging participation and discussion among various stakeholders.

Youth Programs

Skill Building: Helps young people develop valuable skills in technology and digital literacy.

Mental Health Education: Teaches youth about mental health in an age-appropriate manner, promoting early awareness and understanding.

Social Interaction: Offers a safe and structured environment for young people to interact, learn, and grow together.

Youth-Oriented Digital Art Workshops

Creativity and Expression: Encourages creative expression through digital art, providing a therapeutic and engaging outlet for young minds.

Tech Skills for the Future: Equips youth with digital art skills that are increasingly relevant in today’s tech-centric world.

Mental Health Benefits: Art creation has been shown to have positive effects on mental health, offering a fun and productive way to cope with stress and express emotions.

These events emphasize the importance of mental health and provide insights into its management through digital tools and creative approaches. They cater to both health professionals and the general public.

Digital Art Workshops (18+)

Creative Exploration: Provides adults with a platform to explore their creativity through digital art, fostering personal growth and self-expression.

Stress Relief and Mental Wellness: Engaging in artistic activities is known to reduce stress and promote mental well-being, offering a therapeutic experience.

Skill Acquisition: Participants learn digital art skills, which are valuable in various professional and personal contexts, enhancing their digital proficiency.

Personalized Events

Customization to Needs: Tailored to meet specific organizational goals, ensuring maximum relevance and impact.

Targeted Learning and Development: Addresses the unique challenges and opportunities of each organization, leading to more effective learning outcomes.

Enhanced Engagement: Personalized events resonate more deeply with attendees, leading to higher engagement and better retention of information.

NewPath held engaging digital education events that our attendees raved about. We decided to hold the same event for three years running now.

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