Virtual reality plays role in mental health treatment
The number of Americans with anxiety has skyrocketed from 7% in 2019 to 40% in 2021, according to the CDC.. Continue >
VR can help underserved patients, but reimbursement challenges stymie broader adoption, study finds
There’s a growing number of healthcare companies trying to tackle chronic pain with digital solutions, and the use of virtual.. Continue >
What are the risks of virtual reality and augmented reality, and what good practices does ANSES recommend?
Virtual and augmented reality are increasingly used in a wide variety of fields including healthcare, training, real estate, safety and.. Continue >
How virtual reality is revolutionizing health care
Virtual reality has come a long way. Continue >
Applied Virtual Reality in Healthcare: A comprehensive book on medical XR
Walter Greenleaf, PhD, neuroscientist and digital health expert at Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, tells us about the new.. Continue >
Virtual reality in healthcare
The world has been buzzing around Meta’s plans to create a metaverse, with growing hype surrounding this phenomenon. Much of the. Continue >
CMR Surgical Launches the First VR Education Solution for Soft Tissue Robotic Surgery
Versius becomes the first soft-tissue surgical robotics system to offer virtual reality training  Versius Virtual Reality to launch as part.. Continue >
How Virtual Reality in Healthcare Is Changing Medicine
VR/AR technology is on the rise, and companies are using it to improve healthcare in novel ways. When Carrie Shaw. Continue >
How Is Medical Virtual Reality Changing Healthcare?
VR in healthcare market is expected to be worth $42. Continue >
Virtual Reality Simulations In Healthcare
Virtual reality is redefining what is possible in the healthcare industry. Patients are already benefiting from advanced and more precise. Continue >
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