Recreation therapy moves into a virtual reality
Between isolation, lockdowns, and physical distancing, much of the world has been forced to go virtual for all things business.. Continue >
How VR can help treat mental health disorders
A new startup is using VR to treat social anxiety and other mental health issues. Continue >
The application of XR in mental health care
Mental disorders are among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide, and the demand for a viable solution to.. Continue >
How VR Could Help Treat PTSD and Anxiety
Virtual reality is for more than just entertainment. Here’s how VR has medical application to treat people’s mental health. Continue >
Virtual Reality in Healthcare Communications
HOW VIRTUAL REALITY IS IMPROVING HEALTHCARE COMMUNICATIONS Having been around in the healthcare industry for almost seven years, virtual reality (VR) is.. Continue >
The Great Potential of Virtual Reality in Healthcare
Virtual reality (VR) is a virtual and technological environment with scenes and objects that simulate reality for the user. Glasses. Continue >
Could VR transform the health care industry?
From chronic pain management to help with patient loneliness and isolation, virtual reality (VR) could have big health care potential.. Continue >
This Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Presentation Tool is Helping Medical Doctors with Professional Development
In medical practice, accuracy and precision can be a matter of life and death. Each day, doctors are learning new. Continue >
How to cover virtual reality applications in health care
Physicians use various strategies to explain tests or new procedures to patients. Beyond verbal discussions, they can employ handouts and. Continue >
Virtual reality offers new opportunities for care and empathy
“We found VR was able to leverage and provide resources to a lot of individuals who are really feeling the.. Continue >
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