How Meditation, Placebos And Virtual Reality Help Power 'Mind Over Body'
While researching the book Cure, science writer Jo Marchant wanted to understand how distraction could be used to nullify pain, so she.. Continue >
Phantom movements in augmented reality helps patients with chronic intractable phantom limb pain
Summary: A novel method of treating phantom limb pain has been developed using machine learning and augmented reality. This approach has. Continue >
Virtual Reality Aimed At The Elderly Finds New Fans
Virginia Anderlini is 103 years old, and she is about to take her sixth trip into virtual reality. In real. Continue >
The Great Potential of Virtual Reality in Healthcare
Virtual reality (VR) is a virtual and technological environment with scenes and objects that simulate reality for the user. Glasses. Continue >
Could VR transform the health care industry?
From chronic pain management to help with patient loneliness and isolation, virtual reality (VR) could have big health care potential.. Continue >
Virtual reality offers new opportunities for care and empathy
“We found VR was able to leverage and provide resources to a lot of individuals who are really feeling the.. Continue >
VR can help underserved patients, but reimbursement challenges stymie broader adoption, study finds
There’s a growing number of healthcare companies trying to tackle chronic pain with digital solutions, and the use of virtual.. Continue >
Virtual reality in healthcare
The world has been buzzing around Meta’s plans to create a metaverse, with growing hype surrounding this phenomenon. Much of the. Continue >
How Virtual Reality in Healthcare Is Changing Medicine
VR/AR technology is on the rise, and companies are using it to improve healthcare in novel ways. When Carrie Shaw. Continue >
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