At CEO (Boardroom Media), over 1,000,000 startups and more than 5,000,000 individuals holding key positions in these companies are tracked... MORE
Stanford University, Department of Neurosurgery has announced it will implement Surgical Theater’s Virtual Reality (VR) medical visualization platform to help... MORE
Gaming and meditation have more in common than you think. These seemingly unrelated pursuits both offer important self-development lessons that... MORE
The combination of immersive virtual reality (VR) and slow breathing techniques helps promote bedtime relaxation and improves overall sleep quality... MORE
I’ve been meditating, off and on, for the past 14 years. The technique I learned in meditation class many years ago is... MORE
Owen Harris and Niki Smit’s Deep VR experience requires some set-up, beyond just strapping on a virtual reality headset. Participants also wear a... MORE
While researching the book Cure, science writer Jo Marchant wanted to understand how distraction could be used to nullify pain, so she... MORE
Summary: A novel method of treating phantom limb pain has been developed using machine learning and augmented reality. This approach has... MORE
Virginia Anderlini is 103 years old, and she is about to take her sixth trip into virtual reality. In real... MORE
VR developers know how to make your brain think what they want it to think... MORE
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