Lisa Davis, CEO

Lisa Davis, CEO of NewPath, exemplifies a unique blend of technological acumen and a fervent commitment to mental health advocacy. Her career, spanning over three decades, has been rooted in multimedia studies at the Academy of Art University, setting the foundation for her pioneering ventures in the tech industry. While she didn’t graduate, her practical experience and continuous learning trajectory have been pivotal in shaping her professional journey.

Davis’ career took off in the heart of the tech world, working with major clients like Apple, HP, and Intuit. Her roles in product management, marketing, and organizational behavior across various software and SaaS companies honed her skills in innovative problem-solving and strategic leadership. This experience laid the groundwork for her current role as the CEO of NewPath.

At NewPath, Davis is steering the company towards leveraging digital technologies in mental health care. Her focus is not just on creating digital tools but on ensuring these innovations are accessible and resonate with those in need. Her approach intertwines technology with empathy, aiming to destigmatize mental health issues and provide effective digital therapeutic solutions.

Dr. Bruce Pither

Dr. Bruce Pither graduated with honors in the Humanities from Stanford University and received a National Institute of Mental Health Fellowship to pursue his Master’s and doctoral studies at the University of Nevada. He also studied for a year at the Université de Nantes in France and received additional training at the Family Support Project at the Nevada State Hospital, at the V.A. Hospital in Palo Alto, at Esalen Institute, and in outpatient services at the Psychological Resource Center in Los Altos, California.

Dr. Pither has been in independent practice for over 25 years. In addition to his psychotherapy practice, Dr. Pither has offered courses in Organizational Communication, Psychological Assessment, and Employee Counseling at NASA and Sierra University. He co-developed an Employee Assistance Program at the Stanford Research Institute and served as a consultant for the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. He has trained doctoral students in the Employee Assistance Program at El Camino Hospital, Sierra University, and in his independent practice. He is the President of the San Francisco Psychological Association in San Francisco, CA.

Steve DiPaola

Steve DiPaola, active as an artist and a scientist, is the past director of the Cognitive Science Program at Simon Fraser University and leads the iVizLab (, a research lab that strives to make computational systems bend more to the human experience by incorporating biological, cognitive and behavior knowledge models.

DiPaola is most known for his AI-based computational creativity ( and 3d facial and body expression systems (for The Sims). He came to SFU from Stanford University and before that was a senior researcher at NYIT Computer Graphics Lab, an early pioneering lab in high-end graphics techniques. DiPaola taught the first VR course at Stanford University. He has held leadership positions at Electronic Arts, Saatchi Innovation and has consulted for HP, Kodak, Macromedia, and the Institute for the Future. His computer-based art has been exhibited internationally, including the AIR and Tibor de Nagy galleries in NYC, the Whitney Museum, the MIT Museum, Cambridge University’s Kings Art Centre, and the Smithsonian. His scientific work has been published in over 50 peer-reviewed scientific publications and showcased in the journal Nature, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, as well as demonstrated on stage by Bill Gates. He often combines the work of his science and art and has collaborated with Will Wright, Nam June Paik, and Kraftwerk, and is known for making computational media tools used equally by artists and scientists.

Fred Davis

Fred Davis is an experienced entrepreneur, technology pioneer, and public speaker. He has played a part in the tech industry for over 30 years and has been hailed as a technology visionary for pioneering and predicting many innovations and industry trends. Fred played an instrumental role as part of the startup team in two multi-billion dollar startups, CNET and Ask Jeeves (now Fred was also one of the founding team members at Wired magazine, winner of numerous publishing awards. He’s written 14 books about computers and technology, including the first book on Desktop Publishing and the award-winning Windows Bible series. One of the founders of the Ziff-Davis computer publishing division, Fred served as editor of several of the world’s leading computer publications, including PC Magazine, PC Week, A+ , and MacUser, and ran all of the industry-leading product testing labs at those publications. Today, Fred is working with a number of startups and is a mentor at several SF startup incubators. He is especially interested in virtual reality and has been a technology advocate for many years.