About NewPath

Founded in 2016 by Lisa Davis, NewPath has evolved from focusing on virtual reality (VR) to becoming a leader in the broader field of digital therapeutics (DT) for mental and behavioral health. Our initial exploration into VR’s role in aiding long-term illness patients in hospice care uncovered its potential to profoundly impact perceptions and behaviors. This finding was a pivotal moment, guiding us toward the expansive and dynamic world of DT.

Digital therapeutics encompasses a range of digital health solutions, from mobile apps to advanced VR experiences, all designed to treat, manage, and prevent mental and behavioral health issues. At NewPath, our role transcends technology development; we are advocates and educators, dedicated to guiding and supporting anyone committed to developing solutions in these areas.

Mission and Vision

Mission: NewPath is dedicated to bridging the gap in mental and behavioral healthcare through innovative solutions that empower professionals and benefit patients.

Vision: We envision a future where quality mental health care breaks geographical and socio-economic barriers, accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Our work is further enriched by integrating ‘Experiential Therapy’ (ET), methods that uses real-life experiences, including art and play therapy, to facilitate healing and personal growth. By combining ET with our clinically-based digital solutions, we create immersive, transformative experiences that align with our mission to provide effective, accessible mental health care.

At NewPath, we are committed to leading the charge in digital therapeutics, ensuring that mental and behavioral health care is advanced, inclusive, and profoundly impactful.